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The Art of the Happy Mistake

There are times that my mind is in a dozen places at one time. I’m working on social media, writing a few books, sourcing green coffee beans, working on accounting, answering e-mails and also…roasting coffee.  I’m busy helping a customer and I forget that I’m roasting coffee and to my dismay, the temperature of the beans […]

Hiring Employees Who Will Grow Your Life and Business

Here’s a recent job description for prospective Chazzano Coffee associates that I posted on a social media site: “Chazzano Coffee Roasters is hiring! We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about coffee, love to learn, have great interpersonal skills, and who love their life.” That’s it. There’s no need for more information. We have a […]

The Bearded Coffee Cantor

  If you’re a regular customer in our cafe in Ferndale and you’ve been around for the last two weeks, you may have noticed quite a bit of hair forming on my usually clean shaven face. There are three reasons for this new development. Exodus from Egypt to Mourning: From the second day of Passover […]

Pascal’s Wager and Business Ethics

When business ethics is discussed, I immediately think about Pascal’s Wager. The 17th century philosopher, Blaise Pascal, is famous for his wager about the existence of G-d. With so many theologians before him attempting to prove the existence of G-d, Pascal came up with the Wager. Here is a summary: If you wager that G-d […]