Educating Your Customer

When a customer comes into Chazzano Coffee Roasters and asks for a regular cup of coffee, we joke with a smile that, “All of our coffees are awesome. We don’t have regular cups of coffee.” We’re educating our customers that they are about to indulge in a special experience. We’ll share with them that coffee has over 1500 flavor possibilities, and we’ll have them violently sniff several of the coffees. What other cafe do you frequent where they ask you to sniff 5 different coffees to find the one that fits your profile?

Chazzano Vacuum Syphon Brewer is sure to entertain and educate

Chazzano Vacuum Syphon Brewer is sure to entertain and educate

The problem with most retail businesses is that there is no educational program. Do they teach their employees how to add value to the food menu or menu of services? Do they suggest their favorite dishes to you? Do you, as the owner, gently interrupt the conversation, insert your highly informed opinion, and suggest your favorite dish? When you educate your customers, you’re enriching their lives and guaranteeing that they return. People pay money to be entertained, educated, and treated well. If you accomplish all three of those activities, you gain a life long customer.

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