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The Power of Mental Sorbet: Are you taking enough mental health days?

I love mental health days or even mental health hours. My definition of a Mental Health Day is taking time off from your regular intense life and shirking every bit of responsibility for that period of time. These mental health days are a conduit to finding your core being. When I attended these three colleges, […]

Having a daily vision for your personal, professional, and family life

Here is an excerpt from one of my newest books soon to be published: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My wife, Lisa, and I made a mistake. We should have involved her in the business from the beginning instead of allowing her to spend more time with the kids. That’s […]

Educating Your Customer

When a customer comes into Chazzano Coffee Roasters and asks for a regular cup of coffee, we joke with a smile that, “All of our coffees are awesome. We don’t have regular cups of coffee.” We’re educating our customers that they are about to indulge in a special experience. We’ll share with them that coffee […]