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Expresso (sic, and sick) Beans

I am flabbergasted by a sign that I saw at an airport cafe in Detroit: “How many expresso (sic) beans is required for one shot of espresso?” There are so many errors that could have been avoided with just a little bit of training and education from management. For example, “beans” should be followed by […]

The Power of Mental Sorbet: Are you taking enough mental health days?

I love mental health days or even mental health hours. My definition of a Mental Health Day is taking time off from your regular intense life and shirking every bit of responsibility for that period of time. These mental health days are a conduit to finding your core being. When I attended these three colleges, […]

Getting Ready for Battle

I’m getting ready for battle- not with any violence, I hope. I’m preparing for a sales call and I need my power uniform: red dress shirt with one of my many coffee ties, my black jeans (because I can), shiny black shoes, and a jacket. Why do I choose these specific pieces of clothing? They […]

Improvise your way to a happier life

Some of my favorite shows on TV include the cooking contests where they basically torment the chefs into creating unique delicious food. On one show, you begin with a few different crazy ingredients to create a certain genre of dish. There are many creative and cruel events that take place that create turmoil in the […]

What I hate about writing and why I’m stark raving mad

If you consider yourself a writer, it’s necessary to write everyday. It’s true that you can’t really take on the mantle of “writer” or “author” unless you just write every chance that you have. There’s a level of madness that is part of the author’s life. Writing is like a disease that you need to […]

Succession Planning for Startups or How to Make Yourself Useless

Do you know that you should be planning your death before you start the business? What happens to the business?   Plan every day for your eventual retirement. Multiple Revenue Streams Have multiple revenue streams so that you’re not always chasing after new customers. With my coffee roasterie, we have wholesale, retail, cold brew coffee by […]

The Art of the Happy Mistake

There are times that my mind is in a dozen places at one time. I’m working on social media, writing a few books, sourcing green coffee beans, working on accounting, answering e-mails and also…roasting coffee.  I’m busy helping a customer and I forget that I’m roasting coffee and to my dismay, the temperature of the beans […]