Getting Ready for Battle

I’m getting ready for battle- not with any violence, I hope. I’m preparing for a sales call and I need my power uniform: red dress shirt with one of my many coffee ties, my black jeans (because I can), shiny black shoes, and a jacket. Why do I choose these specific pieces of clothing? They make me feel powerful- they help me conquer the world. If you feel confident, people want to do business with you. How often do you wear your version of a “power suit?”

During Jewish morning services, men (traditional) and women (traditional Conservative) wear phylacteries or tefillin in Hebrew. In the boxes that are placed on your bicep and between your eyes, there are words of praise for God. What is most interesting is that this is one example of a “power” uniform. When I wear this every morning, I feel powerful- as if I’m a non-lethal warrior for God. The straps are made of leather and are tightly wound around our arms. It is worn every day for 30-40 minutes. In addition, a Jew wears a prayer shawl with 4 corners with fringes called tzitzit which represent the 613 commandments that God has commanded the Jews. Together the phylacteries and prayer shawl create a powerful uniform that provides us with comfort and power to confront and praise God.

Max is wearing Tefillin (phylacteries) and a self-made Tallit (prayer shawl) for morning services.

Max is wearing Tefillin (phylacteries) and a self-made Tallit (prayer shawl) for morning services.

If you’re looking for a job, spend your day in your power “clothes” even if you don’t have an interview. With this confidence, speak with everyone that you meet and make sure that you have multiple copies of your resume in the car. If you’re participating in a phone interview, wear something that makes you powerful. No one will really know that you’re wearing your pajamas, but your tone and demeanor will change with your choice of clothes. If you’re an entrepreneur or professional, find out what particular power suit brings you added confidence, pride, and makes you feel like a wealthy person. When you’re wearing your baggy t-shirt and sweatpants you may be comfortable, but you’re almost invisible. If you’re lucky to be drop dead gorgeous, it probably doesn’t matter what you wear, but as a business owner, I like to hire confident people.

People want to do business with confident looking people. We sometimes say, “That person looks like a million bucks.” However, if they have poor posture or they are lacking a smile in the face and eyes, the “power suit” won’t help. If you feel powerful in a particular clothing ensemble, it will probably improve your posture, add a few smile lines to your face, and people will be attracted to your rosier worldview. 

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