Showing Up and Sacrifice

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The preacher at my nephew’s wedding talked about two ingredients for a successful marriage: Showing up and Sacrifice. He taught my nephew and his new wife that one needs to show up in their marriage. When one spouse has difficulties, don’t say: “You figure it out. And when you figure it out, then come back and we’ll talk about it.” In a marriage, you need to show up, to be visible and present, throughout the marriage- during the great times and during the worst times.

What is the sacrifice portion of his charge for the wedding couple? It is crucial to the health of a marriage to understand that it’s not about any one of you. It’s about both of you. Before you act, you must remember what the vision statement and mission statement that you’ve created together. What are your twin goals for your relationship, professional life, and that of your family?

When you plan your business, you must contemplate how your decisions will affect your marriage, your children, and your professional goals. Everyone must have a say at the table to make sure that the sacrifices like low or no pay, long hours, and nest egg reduction, are accepted by all affected. In addition, you need to be present during the sacrifices and difficulties that happen. Both spouses need to show up during the good, the bad, and the ugly times.

Remember during the busy times and the troubling times in your business to show up in your marriage. Take your spouse out for a drink, or a nice dinner. Reconnect. The business was created to bring greater freedom, wealth and happiness to your family.

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