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Having a daily vision for your personal, professional, and family life

Here is an excerpt from one of my newest books soon to be published: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My wife, Lisa, and I made a mistake. We should have involved her in the business from the beginning instead of allowing her to spend more time with the kids. That’s […]

Succession Planning for Startups or How to Make Yourself Useless

Do you know that you should be planning your death before you start the business? What happens to the business? ¬†¬†Plan every day for your eventual retirement. Multiple Revenue Streams Have multiple revenue streams so that you’re not always chasing after new customers. With my coffee roasterie, we have wholesale, retail, cold brew coffee by […]

The Bearded Coffee Cantor

  If you’re a regular customer in our cafe in Ferndale and you’ve been around for the last two weeks, you may have noticed quite a bit of hair forming on my usually clean shaven face. There are three reasons for this new development. Exodus from Egypt to Mourning: From the second day of Passover […]